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Update Your Montgomery County home's Bath Space with Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling

As a homeowner, at some point, you're going to need bathroom remodeling for your Montgomery County home. While this and kitchen remodeling are among the most frequently requested home renovations, the bathroom is still often undervalued.

Our job at Custom Renovations LLC, is to try to help our customers realize how luxurious their bathroom really could be. That's what sets an expert remodeling company apart from an inferior one.

Bathroom remodeling is about improving the function, but also about transforming an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. We'll show you ways in which you can make big changes to your bathroom with our professional remodeling services.

Decorative Vanities

A key player when it comes to improving your home with expert bathroom remodeling is choosing the right decorative vanity. In many cases, we're adding a vanity in a space where there has never been one.

That's why it's important to be able to convince our clients of the many reasons a vanity is a good addition to a bathroom.

  • Storage Instead of the Countertop
  • Organization & Contain the Mess
  • Adds Beauty to the Bathroom
  • Plenty of Styles to Choose From
  • Increase Your Home Value

Why have just a sink when you can have something more elevated. Adding a vanity is for homeowners who are ready to graduate to an adult's bathroom.

We're here to show you the many exciting options you have, so you can select a vanity that best suits your taste. Improve your bathroom and enhance your overall experience in this space with the addition of a bathroom vanity.

His and Her Sinks

If you really want to elevate your bathroom and change your experience in this room, his and her sinks are the way to go. If you have to share a bathroom with a partner, make sure you can both survive the experience by making sure you have your own designated space.

  • It's a time-saver. You no longer have to wait for one person to get done using the sink, counter space, or mirror because now you can both have your own.
  • Using his and her sinks help you gain more space. You have counter space and under the counter storage space for both him and her.
  • This is also a detail that works perfectly in every master bathroom. We can make the most of the space available and give you the ideal his and her sinks.

Make the bold leap and change the way you and your spouse use your bathroom. Call our team today, and let's break ground on the bathroom remodeling project for your Montgomery County home.

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