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Reviews for Custom Renovations LLC

Take a moment to read reviews and testimonials from clients who have used Custom Renovations LLC for their remodeling needs throughout the Montgomery County area.

After six months of terrible communication from contractors with estimates that either never materialized or were astronomically high to replace deck stairs, we came upon Custom Renovations, and from the first moments of the communication, they were a breath of fresh air. John’s communication is unparalleled, and we’ve never come across any contractor as honest or communicative as him. From the moment we started discussing the problem and the options to correct it, John had a thorough explanation for each step, a detailed listing of all anticipated options and expenses, and an accurate window of time in which he would complete the project. He was clearly passionate and excited about the work he does, and he is a great, upbeat, positive person to work with! Once the project got started, John kept us well informed at every step – texts each morning with an anticipated arrival time, updates if he had to run to the hardware store, any potential weather-related challenges, etc. Not only was John’s communication incredible, but so was the quality of his work. John’s attention to detail was impeccable. He even custom built extra stairs to create a better, safer angle knowing that there would be kids regularly using these stairs. He also took the time to go through the entire yard with a rolling magnet at the close of the work to ensure that he had not left even a single nail in a place where the kids or the dog would find it and get hurt. Everything about John’s work was spectacular and exceptionally unlike any other contractor we’ve ever experienced. I can’t recommend Custom Renovations enough, in fact, we’ve already set up our next project! You won’t be disappointed with John or his work!

- Lauren H | , PA |

John helped us out during an emergency. He worked nights and weekends nonstop until we were in a position to safely reopen after being vandalized. Not only was he timely but the quality of work is also excellent! He uses the best products and the end result is better than I could have ever imagined. We will be using John for all future projects!

- Janine M | , PA |

This is my second time using Custom Renovations for a home project. A few years ago, we needed a new sliding back door and John, the owner of the company, was a real stand-up guy so when my elderly father’s bathroom needed renovation, he was the first person we called. John did a phenomenal job refurbishing my father’s bathroom. He was incredibly kind, punctual and went above and beyond in every aspect of the job. He greeted me via text every time he entered my father’s house with a “good morning” and “how are you” and he was very detailed in his descriptions of what he would be doing that day. After he would finish for the day he would even sit down with my father and talk with him, sometimes he’d even watch History channel with him! I couldn’t speak more to how nice of a man he is. The work was incredibly high quality and we couldn’t be happier with the results!! He added depth to the bathroom that I had never seen before and was very accommodating of my father’s disabilities. It’s now modern, spacious and absolutely beautiful. The shower is my favorite part with the fitted shelving that goes right into the wall. He tore out the ceiling and reworked it completely to make it seem higher and chose a really beautiful mirror to hang above the sink. We’re getting a towel rack and some other necessities and he even offered to put that in for us. He included all new plumbing as well and it works great!!My dad is not only happy with the results, but he’s also happy with how great John was!! We loved working with him and I could not recommend Custom Renovations more.

- Rose H | , PA |

John is one of those people that loves his work and it shows through each and every project that he does. He has completed several projects for me and he has always kept me up to date on when and how things are going. He is a true professional. I highly recommend him!

- Amy L | , PA |

Couldn’t be more satisfied with my downstairs renovation done by John & Tony at Custom Renovations in my home. They are very diligent workmen. I was impressed every step of the way. From the beginning they cared for my home like it was their own. Very clean and thorough. They took the time to keep me in the know. I’ve had these guys back for additional work because I loved the experience. Highly recommend! A+

- Daniel S | , PA |

After finding water leaking through my ceiling after business hours, we had no luck getting a roofer before the rain started back up. John at Custom Renovations was able to come out right away, check the roof with a drone, and inspect our attic. He was able to diagnose and remediate the issue (it was our AC unit, not the roof!), while he walked us through each step of the process, laying out short- and long-term solutions. I cannot recommend Custom Renovations highly enough. John is a skilled professional who genuinely cares about making sure the job is done properly and his clients are happy.

- Joseph D | , PA |

Great company. They did great work in my house. Reasonable and competitive pricing. Help me with evaluating termite damage in house I was deciding to buy. Couldn’t have been more professional. No mess left behind. The owner John was super cool and explained everything to me. I would recommend this company to anyone and will be my contractor for my new home going forward!

- John E | , PA |

Great pricing! Fantastic work! Family ran business. I will recommend services to anyone looking for any type of remodeling.

- Doreen K | , PA |

John did an awesome job on a huge project (whole basement with bathroom install). He is knowledgeable and accurate but also knows when to get proper person for other work (electrician, plumber, etc). He worked together with us and kept us updated every step of the way. He is very honest and trustworthy and I definitely don't think you will find this level of commitment to a project from any one else.

- Nez H | , PA |

Did a full bathroom remodel at our home, end result was beautiful. Helpful and informative thruout the whole process, kept the work area and it's surroundings clean from start to finish, would highly recommend

- Joe | , PA |

Great work and friendly service. Highly recommend.

- Noelle Florek | , PA |

I was not expecting the wow-factor I got when Custom Renovations finished my deck…I just let them do their thing while they were here and when I saw the finished product I was so amazed! It turned out more beautiful than I thought it would! John and Tony work so well together and I would recommend them to friends and family without a doubt. John Renzi made one of four quotes I received to replace my deck, not the lowest or the highest, although it met the low maintenance requirement I was hoping for. But what impressed me over the others from the start was that John showed a lot of passion for his work and took his time explaining my options before they started the project. He encouraged me to take my time deciding what I wanted, and at my request made suggestions which turned out to be very valuable in helping me choose colors and designs. He spent time finding other options when it turned out to be more than I wanted to spend. I had an old wood deck with lots of layers of paint holding it together, but when they were done I realized my new deck would now be a great selling point if I ever moved. Communication is always very important to me when doing any project, and John always went out of his way to do that, from advising me of arrival times, inspections, and daily progress reports. My neighbors even told me they’d never seen a crew this neat and clean, as they always sprayed off my driveway and patio area - then nicely place tools in one area before they quit for the day. I’ve had six projects completed on my home this year and can honestly say that Custom Renovations was the best contractor I dealt with. They did what they promised, in the time they promised, the work was exceptional, and I hardly knew they were here. What more could you look for in a contractor? I’m very glad I had the good fortune to hire them.

- Donna W | , PA |

Really nice work on a small plumbing repair. No wait to get the job done.

- Don S | , PA |

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